1. Activity & Exercise Guidelines for Arthritis

    Overview of Arthritis Chronic & often debilitatting Inflammation of joints, pain, stiffness & limited movement ability More than 100 different types 46 million people are affected Leading cause of disability in people 55 & older People who are affected tend to be physically inactive which accelerates disease progression & leads to other health issues. Benefits of Exercise Improved …Read More

  2. Exercise Guidelines for Angina & Silent Ischemia

    Exercise Recommendations for Angina & Silent Ischemia Physical activity & other lifestyle recommendations, along with revascularization & medications work synergistically to help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of angina. Moderate behavioral modification may also slow progression of, & in some cases regress,  atherosclerosis. The following exercise guidelines are evidence-based …Read More

  3. Anyone can Exercise!

    Over the years, I have heard many reasons, excuses & "perceived obstacles" why people felt they could not exercise. Chronic diseases of every sort, disabilities, every joint issue imaginable. The truth is, ANYONE CAN EXERCISE with proper guidance, information, programming & monitoring. I love offering creative solutions to my clients & helping them overcome challenging obstacles. Most …Read More

  4. Overcoming Uric Acid & “The Gout”

    By Coach Toria, President of WellFit Health Solutions What is Uric Acid (UA)? Also known as sodium urate A powerful antioxidant that helps to protect cells from oxidative stress unless levels become excessive The product of the breakdown of purines, or nitrogen compounds Normally excreted in urine unless kidney health is compromised Catalyzed by xanthine oxidase, the enzyme which is responsible fo…Read More

  5. Moving Forward from Diabetes to Dynamic Living!

    If you have a goal to defeat Type 2 Diabetes, or make any other life change, you must be ready & committed to take action. The following model, which is based on the Trans-theoretical Model of Change, can serve as a guideline to see if you are truly READY to make behavioral change. The stages range from Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation & Action to Maintenance. 1.     Pre-con…Read More

  6. Weight of the Nation: How Obesity is Crippling Our Families & What YOU Can Do (Part 2)

    The effects of weight gain & obesity affect every system in our bodies & lead to the development of many chronic diseases. Our bodies are not designed to carry twice its normal weight. 20% of cancer deaths in women & 14% in men can be attributed to excess weight. More than 60% of people with arthritis are overweight. 83% are more likely to have kidney disease. Overweight individuals ar…Read More

  7. Weight of the Nation: How Obesity is Crippling Families & the Economy (Part 1)

    PEOPLE, we must unite! The survival of our country & future generations depends on making change. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 68% of Americans are overweight or obese. More than 18% of children are obese.  The Bogalusa Heart Study, started in 1972 & continuing through 2016, found that Heart Disease starts in childhood. According to autopsy studies, there have been o…Read More

  8. Concerned about Radiation from your cell phones & computers?

    Please visit www.GiaWellness.com/wellfit   Protect yourself and your family from harmful radiation. Are you concerned about radiation from your cell phones, computers & other electrical devices? We found a solution that will give you peace of mind & protection from GIA Wellness. I found the company online 3 years ago & was very impressed with their mission, research & integrity.…Read More

  9. Benefits of Exercise for Fibromyalgia

    MYTH: Exercise might accelerate fibromyalgia or worsen symptoms, so get more rest. TRUTH: Regular activity helps: Control fibromyalgia & severity of pain Maintain strong & flexible muscles Burn calories & control weight Provide greater range-of-motion to painful muscles & joints Improve a person's outlook on life Enhance quality of sleep Improve overall sense of well-being Increase…Read More

  10. Benefits of Wellness Coaching Part 1

      A Professional Interview of Dr. Michael Arloski by David Hunnicut Dr. Michael Arloski is CEO of Real Balance Global Wellness Services (www.realbalance.com) and dean of the Wellness Coach Training Institute. He is a licensed psychologist and professional certified coach with over 30 years of professional contribution to the field of wellness. Dr. Arloski is the author of Wellness Coaching fo…Read More