1. Workplace Wellness: Healthcare Reform Strategy for Business

    Workplace Wellness: A Strategy for Effective Healthcare Reform                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 …Read More

  2. Depression: Stopping the Thief that is Stealing Your Life

    Depression: Stopping the Thief that is Stealing Your Life Depression is a potentially life-threatening mood disorder that affects 1 in 5 persons in the United States, or approximately 17.6 million Americans each year. Major depression is the No.1 psychological disorder in the western world and is growing in all age groups, especially teens and in virtually every community. Depressed patients are m…Read More

  3. Worksite Wellness Ideas for Challenging Times

    Challenging economic times make it critically important to keep employees healthy, productive, and present. Polls have found that as many as 1/4 to 1/3  of Americans avoid physician visits to save money. 10% or more are delaying refilling their prescriptions or taking smaller doses to try to make existing prescriptions last longer. These types of behaviors can drive individuals further down the …Read More

  4. Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Living Lean & Clean

    Keys to Successful Weight Release & Abundant Wellness Instead of LOSING weight...RELEASE it! If you lose something, you just may find it again, which is what happens to most people who "lose" weight through dieting. By living & eating clean, & enjoying the process, you can achieve a Happy, Healthy Weight that lasts a lifetime! Understand & enhance your metabolism, hormones & th…Read More

  5. Retirement Savings: Double Your Investment in 10 Years

    Athene Ascent Helps Prepare Boomers for Retirement March 16, 2015 3:00 PM WEST DES MOINES, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- With an estimated 75 million baby boomers on the verge of retirement in the next 10 to 15 years, Athene USA is providing financial options to prepare them for their future glory days. According to a recent study by Athene with Nielsen Opinion Quest, 39% of future retirees are insecure…Read More

  6. Weight Loss: 6 Things The World’s Most Successful “Diets” Have in Common

    6 Things The World’s Most Successful “Diets” Have in Common By Kris Gunnars | AuthorityNutrition.com Many diets have stood the test of time. They became popular a long time ago, but people are still doing them and still getting results. This includes, but is not limited to: The Mediterranean diet. The low-carb diet. The paleo diet. A whole-foods, plant-based diet. People tend to focus…Read More

  7. Life Insurance: Misinformation from Dave Ramsey

    Suze Orman & Dave Ramsey, Wrong? By Michael Pfeil Friday, March 27, 2015 Many people in Middle Class America listen to and follow the advice of both Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey.  People expect that the advice they are giving is accurate based on their celebrity status. However, the worst possible advice they could give, is their opinion regarding High Cash Value Life Insurance. They are both…Read More

  8. Life Insurance 101

    Life Insurance 101 Most insurance policies provide a “just in case” umbrella.  For example, car and healthcare insurance are based on offering financial relief from the potential of an auto accident and illness, respectively.  There are good chances that these events do not occur and, if they do, there are good chances that they will not be serious.  The chances of events occurring and the …Read More

  9. December Deals from WellFit!

    CyberDecember Deals from WellFit! Personal Training, Weight Loss & Massage! Save 15% on 10 sessions Save 20% on 20 Sessions Save 25% on 30 Sessions Buy 5 Sessions, Get 1 Free! * for new clients & gift certificates Call 888-999-6939 or email CoachToria@gmail.com…Read More

  10. Stroke Survivor Stability Exercise Guidelines

    STROKE SURVIVOR STABILITY In a STABILIZATION phase of training, the primary goals should be: Improved posture Improved flexibility Improved CORE strength Improved balance This phase of training involves gearing the acute training variables toward STRENGTH-ENDURANCE ADAPTATIONS: REPS: 12-25 SETS: 2-3 INTENSITY: 50-70% VOLUME: 36-75 (total reps) REP TEMPO: 3/2/1 (eccentric/isometric/concentric) REST…Read More