WellFit-WorksiteWhat is Obesity Costing YOUR Organization?

Obesity has major economic impact that is affecting American companies’ ability to compete.

  • $190 billion in annual medical costs are a result of obesity
  • According to a Mayo Clinic study, an overweight person spends $1,850 more in annual medical costs than someone of healthy weight. Their adult dependents create $3,086 more in annual medical costs
  • Employees with a BMI over 40 may create $5,530 more in annual medical costs
  • The annual cost of absenteeism per very obese male worker cost companies $1,026
  • The annual cost of absenteeism per very obese female worker is $1,262

WellFit encourages healthy weight loss through education, motivational health coaching, proper goal setting, team building challenges & resources that provide ongoing support. Helping employees to manage their weight in a balanced way will empower them to optimize their performance at work, reduce health risk factors & enjoy a healthier quality of life.


Inspire & empower your employees or group to live WellFit!

WellFit Programs Empower Organizations To:

  • Enjoy affordable wellness programs with greater employee participation
  • Improve employee health status & productivity
  • Reduce health insurance claims & absenteeism
  • Educate employees on behavioral modification to prevent chronic disease & coach them toward a healthier way of life
  • Create a culture of wellness at work & at home that results in long-term benefits for employees, their families & your organization

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Health Risk Assessments, Measurements & Blood Screenings
  • Onsite Mobile Diagnostic testing services
  • Keynote Speeches, Workshops, Expos & Events
  • Seminars, Lunch & Learn Programs
  • Individual & Group Wellness Coaching
  • Individual & Group Fitness Programs

dreamstime_xxl_35582584WellFit Worksite Wellness Coaching is a Partnership. Together we:

  1. Create a needs analysis for your organization
  2. Detail expected outcomes for your wellness initiative
  3. Discuss options & services that will be WellFit for your organization
  4. Decide on a plan that will effectively improve the health & wellness of your organization, maximize employee engagement & ensure a Healthy Return-On-Investment

Corporate Wellness Seminars For Management 

  • How To Effectively Utilize Health Coaching To Improve Employee Health
  • Enjoying a Healthier Bottom Line by Creating a Culture of Wellness
  • How To Effectively Manage Your Workplace Wellness Initiative
  • Building A Results-Oriented Workplace Wellness Program
  • Linking Wellness Initiatives To Employee Benefit Design
  • The Art & Science Of Changing Unhealthy Behaviors

Corporate Wellness Seminars For Employees

  • 7 Myths to Weight Loss
  • Healthy Eating on the Run
  • 7 Keys to an Abundantly Healthy Life
  • Simple Moves to get Fit at Work or Home
  • Enhancing Attractiveness with Healthy Living
  • Top 12 Tips for a Healthy Body & Happy Weight
  • The Art & Science Of Changing Unhealthy Behaviors
  • Full Spectrum Benefits of Whole Foods for Autism & ADHD
  • Enjoying a Healthy Body & Happy Weight after Bariatric Surgery
  • Raising a Healthy Family in a Fast-Paced World
  • Longevity & Prevention of Premature Aging
  • Faith-Based Fitness & Mind-Body Wellness
  • Pregnancy & Post-natal Fitness & Nutrition
  • Overcoming & Preventing Cancer
  • Overcoming & Preventing Diabetes
  • Overcoming & Preventing Heart Disease
  • Overcoming & Preventing Overweight
  • Overcoming & Preventing Depression
  • Overcoming & Preventing Alzheimer’s

WellFit can customize a program to meet the needs & interests of YOUR organization. Contact us TODAY to see how your business can create a Culture of Wellness & enjoy a HEALTHY return on your most important investment: PEOPLE!

Corporate-Fitness-300x245Studies show that employers can get as much as a 6-to-1 Return On Investment with Corporate Wellness programs. Partner with WellFit to design the ideal Employee Wellness strategy for your company.

“One of the most important components of any small business workplace wellness program is the assessment of your employees’ interests. By accurately capturing how your employees feel about workplace wellness programs and the specific activities that they have an interest in, leaders of small businesses can take significant steps toward keeping their populations healthy and well.”

(David Hunnicutt, President-WELCOA)