I checked out the NEW BallBike by FitOne. I met the CEO, Rick Suarez (a wonderful man who has committed his life to ministry) & tried it for myself & must say it is the PERFECT workout for anyone! The typical uncomfortable bike seat is replaced by a stability ball which engages the core throughout the entire workout. Resistance bands are strategically placed to perform strength exercises for every body part. I LOVE it because nearly anyone can use it despite physical challenges.

My company has been offered the opportunity to share this with YOU at a reduced price. $1,795.00 for professional model (reduced from $2,195) & $449 for home version (typically $499.00). I prefer the professional model & feel the value is EXCELLENT!

The BallBike Revolution is an innovation not a variation. It’s the world’s first commercial core, cardio, strength cycle. The Revolution is a sleek machine that uses a stability ball as seat, combined with a smooth flywheel, and upper body resistance tubing for one machine total fitness. It provides a synergistic workout that engages all of the bodies 620 muscles in a rhythmic motion, so target heart rates zones are reached quickly. The ball is extremely comfortable, as opposed to traditional hard bike seats, and there is no impact. Dedicated spin class participants, who were members of a BallBike group exercise class, say it was more challenging workout but far more fun and stimulating due to the wide variety of movements. But because of the patented “controlled instability cradle”, the ball can’t roll out from under you. This means everyone can use the BallBike, including those at a lower level of fitness and golden agers. The heavy gauge steel frame has a step through design and the smooth whisper quiet flywheel offers 16 levels of magnetic resistance. BallBike incorporates the trends of today, like functional fitness, core training, group/personal training, active adult fitness, and strength training. It’s is a perfect fit for all Fitness, Rehabilitation, and Sports specific applications.

Please contact me directly to place the order with our Special Pricing. 888-999-6939