One of our Auburn Hills patients at Life’s Adjustments Chiropractic Wellness Center, JN,  had knee replacement surgery last Tuesday & is doing FANTASTIC! She has been visiting a WellFit Exercise Therapist foe 5 months, twice per week for 30 minutes. She is in her 70’s & 30 minutes is all she could tolerate. She began to enjoy her sessions so much that she looked forward to exercising. JN lives alone, with her dog, Sadie, & does not have many friends. She was touched by the warmth & care of her Exercise Therapist, who introduces her to other patients as her friend.

JN & her Exercise Therapist performed a myriad of functional fitness movements to enhance her movement ability, balance, strength & flexibility. Her Therapist manually stretched JN & performed myofascial release to enhance her mobility &  flexibility.


 Now, all her hard work has paid off. Post-surgery, the Doctors & rehab specialists have been amazed at her ability to move & function, & calls her “their #1 patient”! She called us to say that she cannot thank us & praise our work enough! Our owner is even babysitting her dog, Sadie for 6 weeks. (Now, that is personal service.) Sadie smiled & perked her ears when she called Mama on the phone. We are all SO grateful to be in a position to       help people move & live better!