WellFit Mission

WellFit_corporate_wellness-300x244WellFit serves small-medium sized businesses, non-profit organizations & churches to empower & strengthen their most valuable asset ~ Healthy PEOPLE! Our goal is to help American businesses to be more competitive in a global marketplace by implementing affordable wellness strategies. WellFit Corporate Wellness Program for Employee Health

Companies that incorporate wellness initiatives are more competitive, creative & productive; They enjoy reduced health care costs, absenteeism & turnover.

WellFit helps organizations of any size to create an environment & culture that promotes wellness & positively encourages people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle through the 3 I’s ~ Information, Inspiration & Incentives!

Services Include:

  • Health Risk Assessments
  • One-on-one interviewing with leadership & staff to determine needs & goals
  • Educational Seminars that target the needs of the organization & inspire participants to pursue a wellness lifestyle.
  • Individual & Group Wellness Coaching ~ via telephone, email or in-person to encourage long-term behavioral modification
  • Personal Training & Exercise Therpy for all ages & abilities
  • Incentive Programs that are fun, easy & affordable
  • Healthy, Efficient Workplace Design ~ improved safety & ergonomics, efficient lighting, heating & cooling, sustainable design features
  • Fitness Center Design
  • Individual Financial Analysis & Education (Complimentary)
  • Company Benefits Analysis
  • Wellness Program branding with a Personalized logo & promotional items to build team effort, loyalty & participant engagement.

The WellFit Process – Affordable Wellness Solutions for Organizations of Any Size

Initial Meeting

The process begins with an initial meeting between representatives from your organization & the WellFit team. Goals for this meeting include:

  1. Sharing basic information about your organization & expected outcomes for your wellness initiatives.
  2. Getting to know more about WellFit services, approaches & philosophy
  3. Discussing options that will best enhance the health & wellness of your organization, maximize employee engagement & ensure a “healthy” Return-on-Investment

Formal Proposal

Your organization will receive a formal proposal from the WellFit team that will detail the scope of services, timeframes, individuals responsible for overseeing the initiative & budgetary outlines. This proposal will offer a menu of recommended services that can be conducted to deliver the most cost-effective, wellness initiative for your organization.

Planning Meeting

Upon acceptance of the proposal, the next step is to meet with the WellFit team to develop an action plan that will guide the actual delivery of your wellness initiative.

Communication and Recruitment

Once the plan is completed, a communications campaign will be implemented to effectively communicate, recruit, & enroll your company’s employees.

“One of the most important components of any small business workplace wellness program is the assessment of your employees’ interests. By accurately capturing how your employees feel about workplace wellness programs and the specific activities that they have an interest in, leaders of small businesses can take significant steps toward keeping their populations healthy and well.”
(David Hunnicutt, President-WELCOA)

Follow Up

WellFit will provide your organization with an ongoing evaluation that depicts an overall process assessment, including employee satisfaction, aggregate health statistics & guidelines for continued wellness success.