1. Introducing the BallBike!!

    I checked out the NEW BallBike by FitOne. I met the CEO, Rick Suarez (a wonderful man who has committed his life to ministry) & tried it for myself & must say it is the PERFECT workout for anyone! The typical uncomfortable bike seat is replaced by a stability ball which engages the core throughout the entire workout. Resistance bands are strategically placed to perform strength exercises f…Read More

  2. Exercise Therapy: Movement and Miracles

    Many people who walk into Life's Adjustments Chiropractic clinic in Auburn Hills,MI, wonder what is going on behind the closed door  near the reception desk. Sounds of laughter, music and yes, sometimes moaning, emerge from this room on a daily basis. So what IS going on in that room commandeered by WellFit Exercise Therapists? "A lot of movement and sometimes miracles," comments WellFit Presiden…Read More