1. Best Source for Fitness Equipment!

    Our favorite fitness equipment source, Perform Better, has some great items on SALE!! Foam rollers, posture balls, Thera-bands, yoga mats & much more!! Get the deals while they last, because their products sell quickly! I have been buying products from PB for many years & have always been extremely satisfied with their quality & service. They have ALL of the best fitness gadgets for fu…Read More

  2. Stroke Survivor Stability Exercise Guidelines

    STROKE SURVIVOR STABILITY In a STABILIZATION phase of training, the primary goals should be: Improved posture Improved flexibility Improved CORE strength Improved balance This phase of training involves gearing the acute training variables toward STRENGTH-ENDURANCE ADAPTATIONS: REPS: 12-25 SETS: 2-3 INTENSITY: 50-70% VOLUME: 36-75 (total reps) REP TEMPO: 3/2/1 (eccentric/isometric/concentric) REST…Read More

  3. Exercise Guidelines for Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Exercise Guidelines for Ankylosing Spondylitis AS is a systemic inflammatory rheumatic disease involving spinal & sacral joints. Subjects may have decreased range of flexion, extension, & rotation causing the risk of spinal fracture to dramatically increase. Disc injuries are also more prevalent. In the majority of individuals, back pain is self-limiting. Once back pain exacerbates, they a…Read More

  4. Peripheral Neuropathy & PAD Exercise Goals

    Here is a quick intro to exercise programming & goals for helping Peripheral Neuropathy. The goal of activity should be to reduce pain & improve cardiovascular health. If you are dealing with PAD then exercising until you reach the point of leg pain is required to achieve the greatest benefits. This is unique to PAD & may seem counter-intuitive. I typically do not support the "NO pain-…Read More

  5. Exercise Guidelines for Angina & Silent Ischemia

    Exercise Recommendations for Angina & Silent Ischemia Physical activity & other lifestyle recommendations, along with revascularization & medications work synergistically to help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of angina. Moderate behavioral modification may also slow progression of, & in some cases regress,  atherosclerosis. The following exercise guidelines are evidence-based …Read More

  6. Anyone can Exercise!

    Over the years, I have heard many reasons, excuses & "perceived obstacles" why people felt they could not exercise. Chronic diseases of every sort, disabilities, every joint issue imaginable. The truth is, ANYONE CAN EXERCISE with proper guidance, information, programming & monitoring. I love offering creative solutions to my clients & helping them overcome challenging obstacles. Most …Read More

  7. ANNOUNCEMENT from Toria Lee!!

    Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss & Wellness Coach, Inclusive Fitness Trainer & Exercise Therapist, Toria Lee is returning to Life Time in Troy! She has 25 year of experience in providing holistic, effective Fitness, Weight loss & Wellness programs for individuals & groups within fitness centers, clinics & work sites. She inspires & empowers people of all ages & a…Read More

  8. Healthy Weight Loss: Basic Math

    I have been immersed in helping lose weight the RIGHT way for over 25 years. If you are carrying excess baggage, then it is time to dump the junk & begin your journey toward living a healthy empowered life! Make a Decision & Commit to it! Tell yourself, "I WILL Succeed because...." Believe in yourself! You can be your own best coach. Write down the "Heart of Your Why", your intrinsic motiv…Read More

  9. Benefits of Exercise for Fibromyalgia

    MYTH: Exercise might accelerate fibromyalgia or worsen symptoms, so get more rest. TRUTH: Regular activity helps: Control fibromyalgia & severity of pain Maintain strong & flexible muscles Burn calories & control weight Provide greater range-of-motion to painful muscles & joints Improve a person's outlook on life Enhance quality of sleep Improve overall sense of well-being Increase…Read More

  10. Exercise Therapy: Movement and Miracles

    Many people who walk into Life's Adjustments Chiropractic clinic in Auburn Hills,MI, wonder what is going on behind the closed door  near the reception desk. Sounds of laughter, music and yes, sometimes moaning, emerge from this room on a daily basis. So what IS going on in that room commandeered by WellFit Exercise Therapists? "A lot of movement and sometimes miracles," comments WellFit Presiden…Read More