1. Moving Forward from Diabetes to Dynamic Living!

    If you have a goal to defeat Type 2 Diabetes, or make any other life change, you must be ready & committed to take action. The following model, which is based on the Trans-theoretical Model of Change, can serve as a guideline to see if you are truly READY to make behavioral change. The stages range from Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation & Action to Maintenance. 1.     Pre-con…Read More

  2. No Excuses! ANYONE can Exercise!

    Do you know someone who knows they need to exercise or eat better , but they do not know where or how to begin? Who is intimidated by the gym? Or has a chronic health condition & feels they cannot workout? Or feels like they have no time or motivation? Are they recovering from an injury or  have pain that is keeping them from moving, working or performing daily tasks? Is that "someone" YOU?? …Read More