1. Weight of the Nation: How Obesity is Crippling Our Families & What YOU Can Do (Part 2)

    The effects of weight gain & obesity affect every system in our bodies & lead to the development of many chronic diseases. Our bodies are not designed to carry twice its normal weight. 20% of cancer deaths in women & 14% in men can be attributed to excess weight. More than 60% of people with arthritis are overweight. 83% are more likely to have kidney disease. Overweight individuals ar…Read More

  2. Listen to this MP3 on how to DEFEAT Diabetes with Nutrition!

      Click on the link below to listen! Defeating Diabetes with Nutrition To learn more about Empowering your body for Optimal Health visit www.wellfit4juiceplus.com…Read More

  3. Defeating Diabetes with The Healing Power of Fruits and Vegetables

    Diabetes and Nutrition Notes from a discussion with Rosalyn Baker on the core essence and benefits of fruits and vegetables. She spent 27 years studying how to manage her Type 1 diabetes. Now she is dedicated to helping others. Our energy comes from the sum balance of the work of our cells in our bodies. If you don’t have peak performance of that cellular work, you won’t have the energy. Genes…Read More

  4. Balancing Your Blood Sugar

    Glucose is a measure of the sugar level in your blood.  Glucose is the main source of energy for all of the cells in the body.  The rate at which it is metabolized is controlled by insulin, which is secreted by the pancreas.  Low levels could indicate too much insulin in the blood. Elevated fasting glucose levels may be an early sign of diabetes.  It is estimated that nearly 80 million America…Read More

  5. Vietnam Veterans with Diabetes can Receive Disability Help!

    I was speaking to a client yesterday about the new Diabetes Education and Support Groups that WellFit is beginning this week and he informed me that many veterans, especially those who fought in Vietnam, have diabetes or cardiovascular disease due to exposure to Agent Orange. He also indicated that there is disability assistance being offered to veterans with chronic health conditions like diabete…Read More

  6. High Blood Sugar: High Healthcare Cost for Companies

    High blood sugar, diabetes & pre-diabetes is costing companies & families a LOT of money! The high cost of health care contributed toward fighting disease is keeping companies from being competitive & keeping families from saving for their future. Diabetes costs the average person, $6,000 per year to manage! That is $500 per month that could be invested in an IRA , college fund, etc. F…Read More

  7. High Blood Sugar is More Dangerous Than You Think!

    For the millions of Americans who are diabetic, the health damage caused by high blood sugar began up to 10 years before their diabetes was diagnosed. Regrettably, many people believe that they are not in danger until their blood sugar is in the high risk range of 7.0 or greater. Another misconception is that diabetic drugs will stop the progression of diabetes. The truth is that drugs only tempor…Read More

  8. Diabetes Statistics

    25.5 million Americans suffer from diabetes, while another 57 million people - one-quarter of American adults - suffer from pre-diabetes. Diabetes costs $175 billion per year, which is almost the equivalent of what America spent on the wars in the Middle East. Diabetes is one of the biggest health expenses facing employers, costing $22.6 billion annually in worker absenteeism & reduced product…Read More

  9. 50% of Americans will be Facing Diabetes by the Year 2020

    America is experiencing  an epidemic of gargantuan proportions. Each day, 4300 Americans receive this message, "You have Type 2 Diabetes." This is the equivalent of 1.5 million new cases that will be established this year, adding to the already stunning, 25.5 million current cases of Diabetes. The news gets worse! The rate of NEW cases of  Diabetes is expected to double over the next 10 years. 5…Read More