1. Moving Forward from Diabetes to Dynamic Living!

    If you have a goal to defeat Type 2 Diabetes, or make any other life change, you must be ready & committed to take action. The following model, which is based on the Trans-theoretical Model of Change, can serve as a guideline to see if you are truly READY to make behavioral change. The stages range from Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation & Action to Maintenance. 1.     Pre-con…Read More

  2. Healthy Weight Loss: Basic Math

    I have been immersed in helping lose weight the RIGHT way for over 25 years. If you are carrying excess baggage, then it is time to dump the junk & begin your journey toward living a healthy empowered life! Make a Decision & Commit to it! Tell yourself, "I WILL Succeed because...." Believe in yourself! You can be your own best coach. Write down the "Heart of Your Why", your intrinsic motiv…Read More

  3. Workplace Wellness: A Business Strategy for Economic Growth

    Workplace Wellness: A Business Strategy for Economic Growth By Toria Lee Tringali President/ Health Promotions Director, WellFit Affordable Health Solutions LLC. We are all aware that there are indicators of an economic crisis.  The looming fiscal cliff, uncertainties of healthcare reform, slow post-recession recovery, high unemployment, global competition & devaluation of the dollar are news…Read More