1. Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Living Lean & Clean

    Keys to Successful Weight Release & Abundant Wellness Instead of LOSING weight...RELEASE it! If you lose something, you just may find it again, which is what happens to most people who "lose" weight through dieting. By living & eating clean, & enjoying the process, you can achieve a Happy, Healthy Weight that lasts a lifetime! Understand & enhance your metabolism, hormones & th…Read More

  2. Obliterate Belly Fat!

    Check out Waist-Line Control™ by Life Extension to target belly fat! Eliminating stubborn abdominal fat can lead to a healthier you. Abdominal fat tissue is a source of proinflammatory signaling molecules known as cytokines.1 New research has found a specialized peptide complex isolated through a natural fermentation process can reduce calorie intake and lessen abdominal fat accumulation.2 Waist…Read More

  3. NEW Weight Loss Program for Women ONLY!

    The Venus Factor Review - Weight Loss Program For Women  The Venus Factor is a nutrition & fitness course designed specifically for women. The creator of the program, John Barban, has used the Golden Mean to identify the ideal female measurement ratio, which he calls the "Venus Index". The program is created to help women achieve their own individual, ideal proportions.   Barban discusses…Read More

  4. Activity & Exercise Guidelines for Arthritis

    Overview of Arthritis Chronic & often debilitatting Inflammation of joints, pain, stiffness & limited movement ability More than 100 different types 46 million people are affected Leading cause of disability in people 55 & older People who are affected tend to be physically inactive which accelerates disease progression & leads to other health issues. Benefits of Exercise Improved …Read More

  5. Hidden Factors that may be Affecting Your Weight?

    Compliments of Be in Health™ The enemy (Satan) wants to keep you in a cycle of not loving yourself so that your body will not function correctly. We often try to boost our metabolisms through diet and exercise to maintain weight. Although these aspects are important, a lot of weight gain and the inability to lose it has to do with how people feel about themselves. The enemy will drop thoughts i…Read More

  6. Healthy Weight Loss: Basic Math

    I have been immersed in helping lose weight the RIGHT way for over 25 years. If you are carrying excess baggage, then it is time to dump the junk & begin your journey toward living a healthy empowered life! Make a Decision & Commit to it! Tell yourself, "I WILL Succeed because...." Believe in yourself! You can be your own best coach. Write down the "Heart of Your Why", your intrinsic motiv…Read More

  7. Weight of the Nation: Convenience & Cheap Food = High Health Care Costs

    So, do you think the $1.00 menu at fast food restaurants is a deal? There is no value in the long run when considering the cost of obesity & chronic disease. Obesity is crippling our workforce, communities, families & costing our country over $150 billion per year in lost productivity & health care expenditures. 50% of these costs are paid for by public funds. Obesity-related health ca…Read More

  8. How Healthy Living Enhances Attractiveness & Productivity (Part 1)

    How Healthy Living Enhances Attractiveness & Productivity Healthy living & healthy weight does NOT mean skinny. In fact studies show that normal weight women were considered more healthy & attractive than overweight AND underweight gals. The JLO body is far preferred to the Paris Hilton type. I think most of us know that physical attractiveness is NOT the most important factor when it …Read More

  9. Benefits of Wellness Coaching Part 3

    A Professional Interview of Dr. Michael Arloski by David Hunnicut DH: How important is achieving results in coaching? MA: I think results are very important. One of the nice things about health and wellness coaching is that we can often point to real biometric measures that have changed. In coaching, we can often look at these bio-markers and see a reduction in high-risk health behaviors. For exam…Read More

  10. Benefits of Wellness Coaching Part 2

    A Professional Interview of Dr. Michael Arloski by David Hunnicut DH: What does the coaching process look like? MA: A real process has a beginning, a middle and an end. The Beginning: As wellness coaches, we place a lot of focus on the beginning. We help a client with their own exploration and self-assessment. Rather than just assessing and diagnosing them, we help the client explore, get in touch…Read More