1. I fully recommend WellFit Health Solutions

    I am always in awe of Toria's unlimited energy and commitment. She devotes every ounce of her energy to bring the best out in her clients. Working with Toria is an opportunity you do not want to miss. I fully recommend WellFit Health Solutions to help you transform you life. …Read More

    D. Garbarz
  2. Love working out with Toria

    Love working out with Toria. She is great at changing up the routine and progressing your capabilities. Most fun I've had working with a personal trainer  …Read More

    Ape RXV
  3. I highly recommend her!

    Toria is a patient yet determined personal trainer. During my sessions with her she changed things up to accommodate my aches and pains while ensuring that progress was being made. I never felt intimidated or embarrassed as she was always reassuring. I highly recommend her. I know I wouldn't have gained the strength I did without her. …Read More

    Angela M.
  4. She’s one of a kind!

    I've known Toria for over a decade and she is always learning and studying to insure her clients are always getting the most up to date advice and programs. She's one of a kind! …Read More

    D. Drew
  5. Diet, exercise, stretching, you name it, and she helped improve it!

    Started working with Toria about 10 years ago and she had a tremendous impact on my wellness. Diet, exercise, stretching, you name it and she helped improve it. Still to this day I use the techniques and lessons that she taught me. If you want to make a positive change to your health, Toria can help you do just that! …Read More

    M. Lohmeier
  6. This company gets 5 stars from me!

    WellFit Health Solutions is truely a company that can help you battle the pains of working out as well as give you that support to meet health and weight goals. As a college student, wife and mother Wellfit coached me effectively and provided me with a personalized plan to meet my health and weight goals. This company gets 5 stars from me. …Read More

    J. Schroeder
  7. She is an expert and professional

    “Toria Lee is passionate, motivated, creative, and truly inspirational. She is an expert and professional in the fitness industry, leading by example and education. From my experience as a former fitness trainer, I would highly recommend Toria to any friend, family member, colleague, or corporation seeking to improve, educate, or bring about life changing wellness either personally or profession…Read More

    Anne-Marie Piesko
  8. She brings out the best in everyone

    “I've known Toria Lee for over twenty years. When we were at Michigan State she was a natural at establishing and leading various telecommunications organizations and initiatives. In my world of "performance predicts performance", she brings the same focus and dedication to WellFit. She brings out the best in everyone she works with and organizations seeking to move the ball and leverage her bac…Read More

    Steve Collins
  9. Positive Techniques

    Having the workshop is a weekly reminder and positive peer pressure to do the right thing. This weekly reminder tends to follow you throughout the week and reinforce the positive techniques you have taught us. Over the past 12 weeks, I have made several improvements. The most significant step is reduction of my meal portion size. The visual aids that help illustrate the proper portion size are ver…Read More

    Employee KSPG