Compliments of Be in Health™
The enemy (Satan) wants to keep you in a cycle of not loving yourself so that your body will not function correctly. We often try to boost our metabolisms through diet and exercise to maintain weight. Although these aspects are important, a lot of weight gain and the inability to lose it has to do with how people feel about themselves.

The enemy will drop thoughts in our minds that fuel self-rejection, self-hatred, and self-criticism. When we start to believe it and tear ourselves down, this immediately takes a toll on our metabolisms and starts to slow them down. This makes it extremely difficult for your body to burn calories. 

However, when you choose to believe that you are loved, by accepting yourself, forgiving yourself and ultimately liking the person that you are, your metabolism will speed up right away. God created us to be at peace with ourselves so that our bodies would function in the healthiest way possible.

Today, let’s ask God to help us see ourselves through His eyes, and help us apply His love and compassion towards ourselves so that we can maintain the best health possible!