Diabetes and Nutrition

Notes from a discussion with Rosalyn Baker on the core essence and benefits of fruits and vegetables.

She spent 27 years studying how to manage her Type 1 diabetes. Now she is dedicated to helping others.

Our energy comes from the sum balance of the work of our cells in our bodies.

  • If you don’t have peak performance of that cellular work, you won’t have the energy.

Genes load the gun.  Environment pulls the trigger.When you boost your cells nutrition content, your cells have the ability to heal.

Two kinds of diabetes.

  • Type 1 is an auto-immune disorder.

  –    the individual has a compromised immune system

  –     immune messengers go to the pancreas and destroy

  –    once this happens it is permanent

  • Type 2 is a metabolic syndrome

Free radical damage causes aging and any cellular activity causes free radicals.

  • Diabetics have increased free radical damage because of inefficient metabolism.

Rosalyn takes all the Juice Plus products because they all offer her something unique to fortify her body against free radical damage.

Resveratrol is a nutrient found in all of the berries in the Vineyard blend.

  • There have been many studies done that have found resveratrol:

  –  prolongs life by helping people age more slowly

  –  increases insulin sensitivity

  –  enhances mitochrondrial energy

  • improves cell metabolism

Once Rosalyn had been taking the Garden, Orchard and Vineyard capsules she added the amino acids from the Complete Protein Shake.

  • We are better off getting our nutrients from whole foods.

  • Enzymes are found in raw whole foods and support amino acid function.

Diabetics used to be told to take multi-vitamins

  • This theory has been proven wrong.

  • The problem with vitamin supplements is that they are synthetic, man-made and fragmented.

  • This can have a harmful effect because a person has to consume large amounts to benefit the system and the vitamin is not in a natural form.

  • Small amounts of naturally occurring phytonutrients alongside those vitamins, as

     found in whole foods, synergistically work together and magnify the ability of the

     vitamins to work in the body.

Research done on Juice Plus shows that Juice Plus:

  • improves immune function

  • repairs and protects DNA

  • improves cardiovascular function

  • is bioavailable

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