Diabetes Free Zone (DFZ) is a 16 week, multi-component wellness system, specially designed to address the needs of Type-2 diabetics in regaining & maintaining their health. The system has 3 major sections of integrated components. Together, they provide the foundation to produce lasting change in a diabetic’s eating habits & lifestyle choices. This synergy of healthy actions, structure & support soon establish new habits that allow the individual to achieve lasting results in decreasing their BMI, reducing their diabetic medications & improving their overall wellness.

DFZ uses a modified Mediterranean eating plan that is low in carbs & rich in vegetables, fruit, protein & fiber. Members are encouraged to exercise for 150 minutes per week. Also, since stress is a primary factor in overeating, DFZ incorporates a number of techniques that help reduce daily stress & stay encouraged.

Power Hour – Once per week, members take one hour to plan their upcoming week regarding eating & exercise. By planning their activities, they have a road map to follow for the week & are less likely to revert to spur-of-the-moment temptations.

Evening Reflection – This portion is a short, structured review of their daily activities, so the member can learn from the day, then set their intentions for tomorrow.

Shopping Guide – To establish healthy patterns & choices, it is critical to grocery shop from a list. The DFZ shopping guide includes only healthy food choices, as well as toiletries & other household necessities. The list is created so the member does not have to create a 2nd list for additional items, which could open up opportunities for poor choices.

Weekly Meetings – The group meeting is the centerpiece of our support system. Members come together to learn practical new health strategies, share personal stories of success, make new friends & receive recognition.

Websitewww.DiabetesFreeAmerica.com uses a consumer magazine look & feel.With over 350 pages, the website is a content-rich resource which includes community forums, recipes, articles & blogs.

Social Media – Since 75% Americans participate in social media, DFZ uses this powerful tool to build online communities & connect with members.

The Diabetes Free Zone System includes:

  • A full set of system resources, including a copy of The Diabetes Free Zone manual
  • Weekly meetings led by a health & wellness professional
  • Weekly guides on a variety of lifestyle topics
  • Tokens of recognition for accomplishments

Diabetes Free Zone Members:

  • Receive a structured, self-managed program with daily reviews built in to keep them focused & on track
  • Learn to address behavioral eating choices that sabotage personal success
  • Discover the right approach to exercise & simple ways to integrate fitness into daily routines
  • Develop a support community through shared experiences & highly interactive sessions

Contact Toria Lee with WellFit Affordable Health Solutions LLC. to learn more. CoachToria@gmail.com or 888-999-6939

WellFit is currently seeking meeting spaces throughout Southeast Michigan to conduct meetings & reach more communities. If you would like us to contact your work place, church or local community center, please let us know & share this message with the appropriate contact. Together we can EMPOWER America with vibrant health & DEFEAT Diabetes!