Many people who walk into Life’s Adjustments Chiropractic clinic in Auburn Hills,MI, wonder what is going on behind the closed door  near the reception desk. Sounds of laughter, music and yes, sometimes moaning, emerge from this room on a daily basis. So what IS going on in that room commandeered by WellFit Exercise Therapists? “A lot of movement and sometimes miracles,” comments WellFit President and Exercise Therapist, Toria Lee. “We meet with individuals of all fitness levels, many of whom have chronic pain or health concerns, and/or limited movement in their joints or spine. Our goal is to teach people how to move properly, increase strength, flexibility and mobility, and sometimes reduce excess weight. ANYONE can exercise. Many just need inspiration, proper guidance and a creative, personalized approach. THAT is our expertise!”


Exercise Therapy incorporates a range of therapeutic exercises, functional movements, balance training,stretching, deep tissue and myofascial release to build strength, flexibility, functionality, balance and endurance. Exercise Therapy helps physically limiting conditions including, but not limited to:

Back pain, Sciatica pain, Degenerative disc disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, COPD, Cystic fibrosis, Heart disease, Cancer recovery, Post-stroke symptoms, Peripheral neuropathy, Rotator cuff injury, Multiple sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, Pre- and post-joint replacement conditioning and recovery, Poor posture, Complications from aging, Obesity & overweight, 

Many people are not comfortable in a gym setting, especially if they have spacial health concerns. Exercise therapy in a clinical setting offers a safe, uninhibiting environment for individuals to improve their fitness and functionality.  Unlike personal training, some health insurance companies offer reimbursement for Exercise Therapy. If you or someone you know thinks that they cannot exercise or enjoy a healthy quality of life, PLEASE contact Coach Toria with WellFit at 888-999-6939.  WellFit conducts one-on-one exercise therapy and wellness coaching at their clinic in Auburn Hills, work sites throughout Southeast Michigan and offers virtual training and wellness coaching via SKYPE, telephone and email.

Contact Coach Toria at:  888-999-6939 or email