High blood sugar, diabetes & pre-diabetes is costing companies & families a LOT of money! The high cost of health care contributed toward fighting disease is keeping companies from being competitive & keeping families from saving for their future. Diabetes costs the average person, $6,000 per year to manage! That is $500 per month that could be invested in an IRA , college fund, etc.

For companies, approximately 11% of employees are currently diabetic & another 22% are pre-diabetic. Overall, over 1/3 of employees suffer from high blood sugar & are in danger of escalating healthcare costs & developing many other catastrophic diseases that result from high blood sugar, including heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, neuropathy & amputations.

Projections show that high blood sugar will continue to sky rocket during the next decade to reach 50% of employee populations. Diabetes currently accounts for 23% of hospitalizations& 1 in 10 healthcare dollars spent.Diabetics have medical expenditures that are 2.4 times higher than those without disease. WellFit Health Solutions offers the Diabetes Free Zone to help companies reduce healthcare costs associated with employee high blood sugar. Diabetes causes 108 million disability days per year. Implementing a targeted wellness program, like Diabetes Free Zone, can help reduce the high rate of diabetes-related absenteeism.

The model for our diabetes education & support program is based on a monthly membership fee per person, which can be paid by the employee or can be paid wholly or in part by your company.

Our program is not disruptive to the business environment. Weekly meetings are scheduled either on-site, for the convenience of the work site & employees, or participants can attend one of our off-site meetings that allow them to participate on their own schedule.

20% of Americans who have diabetes & 90% of those who are pre-diabetic are not aware they have high blood sugar. WellFit can conduct a blood sugar awareness screening at businesses, churches or other organizations. In order for people to enhance their health status, they MUST become aware they have a problem.

We provide education & guidance via individual or group Wellness Coaching, online content, social media forums & inspirational seminars or workshops. Call WellFit Affordable Health Solutions LLC. TODAY & ask how we can help your organization save health care costs & enjoy a healthier, more vibrant culture! 888-999-6939