How Healthy Living Enhances Attractiveness & Productivity

Healthy living & healthy weight does NOT mean skinny. In fact studies show that normal weight women were considered more healthy & attractive than overweight AND underweight gals. The JLO body is far preferred to the Paris Hilton type.

I think most of us know that physical attractiveness is NOT the most important factor when it comes to selecting a mate, especially for women. We multi-taskers like multi-facets. In fact, the odds that a single woman 40-69 is primarily looking for a physically attractive man are 1 in 10.

What are men looking for? Do they rate physical attractiveness higher or lower than women?

If you guessed that men rate physical attractiveness as a higher priority than women, you guessed right! The odds for men are 1 in 3.23, which interestingly are the same odds that he sleeps in the nude…not sure of the connection! According to studies, men are primarily attracted to the stereotypical fit, seductive & confident types. But don’t be too hard on the guys.

On the flip side, men are not the only ones with a superficial bone or 2. Another study found that a man who is 5 feet tall would need to make $325,000 per year more than a 6 foot man, to be as successful in the dating arena.

Overall, you cannot CHOOSE who you are attracted to, but you CAN make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. For women, if you are carrying a little extra weight, there is a trick that can make you appear lighter, WITHOUT diet or exercise. Would you like to know?

According to a study by the Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation, wearing a spicy floral fragrance can make a woman SEEM to be 12 pounds thinner to men. Tip for guys: wear red! The color red has been linked to strength, power, authority & status. Psychologists have found that red induces feelings of love & passion & may make a man appear more attractive, powerful & sexually desirable to women.

But, beyond spicy floral scents & red polos, having a healthy body image is what’s most important. In other words, you appreciate your body & are not trying to conform to what our culture says is attractive. That does NOT mean that we should have unrealistic expectations & a “take it or leave it attitude”. If you know that you are carrying a little excess baggage, physically or otherwise, then DO something about it! But do it for yourself first! When you assume responsibility for your body & your health & begin transforming your life in a positive way, your body image will naturally improve & your confidence will shine!

There are many benefits of healthy living that impact your personal & professional life:

  • More energy = Greater productivity & more accomplishment in your personal & professional life. The time that you put into exercise is truly given back to you.
  • Higher energy people are naturally more magnetic to the opposite sex & perhaps to that business prospect.
  • Exercise elevates endorphins & serotonin levels which are the hormones that regulate your mood & can help you maintain a more positive outlook on life & yourself.
  • Less anxiety over social situations. Have you ever dressed up for a special event or worn a bathing suit in public, only to experience a feeling of dread overwhelm you. The way our clothes look & feel affects how we feel about ourselves & how we present ourselves in social situations.
  •  I have heard many stories from clients of mine whose clothes were fitting looser & dropping in size, who felt like they had a new lease on life. Imagine being able to wear whatever clothes you want & buy NEW clothes in smaller sizes.
  • When your body is lighter, healthier & more fit, there is a sense of freedom & uplift in your spirit. You feel more comfortable in your skin!
  • Taking action toward a healthier, better quality of living does wonders for your self-esteem. Imagine waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror & LOVING what you see.
  • When you commit to an exercise program, your mindset changes. You do not want to eat & drink things that will counter your hard work & results. There is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you put forth effort & reach your goal!