Do you know someone who knows they need to exercise or eat better , but they do not know where or how to begin? Who is intimidated by the gym? Or has a chronic health condition & feels they cannot workout? Or feels like they have no time or motivation? Are they recovering from an injury or  have pain that is keeping them from moving, working or performing daily tasks? Is that “someone” YOU??

I have worked with people who were in wheelchairs, on scooters, 90 years “young”, recovering from hip replacements, knee replacements, torn rotator cuffs  & every chronic disease you can imagine, including heart disease, diabetes,cancer,  fibromyalgia, etc. Together, we broke down barriers (which are typically mental) & achieved success is some arena of fitness, wellness or life that was important to them. Why? Because they were determined, committed & sought guidance from a professional that could create a personalized Action Plan that worked for them.

Where there is a will or a “Heart of your WHY”!, then barriers can be overcome. You CAN enjoy a vibrant, healthy, life if you are willing to BELIEVE you can!  The rest of your life & destiny begins with your next choice. Will you choose mediocrity, depression, carrying around baggage that is ,literally, weighing you down & holding you back from reaching the finish line of your destiny? Or, will you choose to TAKE ACTION & choose a new life for yourself? No one can choose how you will think, live or believe!

You have been given a gift of life & a miraculous vehicle in which you can live, pursue your purpose & reach out to others with kindness & service.  YOU are a walking miracle! Live like it! Partner with a caring Health Professional who can walk along side you with encouragement, guidance, accountability & sometimes, tough love.

Do you want to make a positive difference with your life in this chaotic world. Then, put the oxygen mask on yourself 1st. Transformation is contagious! When others see you making healthy, positive changes, they may choose a better route too. You can be a catalyst for change & maybe even save someone’s life.

If Augie Resovsky-with a brain stem injury, wheelchair dependence & a limited budget- can workout 3 times per week & hire a Personal Trainer! What are you waiting for? Change your thinking! Change your life! Change the world! May God Bless you with abundance in all things!!