The effects of weight gain & obesity affect every system in our bodies & lead to the development of many chronic diseases. Our bodies are not designed to carry twice its normal weight. 20% of cancer deaths in women & 14% in men can be attributed to excess weight. More than 60% of people with arthritis are overweight. 83% are more likely to have kidney disease. Overweight individuals are 80% more likely to develop dementia. There is also increased cases of gall bladder disease & fatty liver disease. 25% of American adults & 30 % of obese children have excess liver fat. Excess liver fat drives many abnormalities & chronic disease.

More than 25 million Americans are diabetic & 79 million are pre-diabetic, which means that the body is already being damaged by excess blood sugar. 90% of diabetes is directly related to being overweight or obese. Diabetes affects vessels that supply every system in the body & can lead to peripheral neuropathy, which creates  & foot infections which may lead to amputation; blindness; & kidney failure which will create a need for several weekly sessions of dialysis.

Gaining 25% body fat will lead to increased LDL cholesterol, triglycerides & blood pressure. High blood pressure is indicated in 69% of people who have their 1st heart attack & 74% of stroke victims. Increasing body weight by just 2-5% begins to affect the health of the body. On the bright side, losing just 10% of body weight creates significant positive change for the body & allows the liver to return to normal.

I often hear from clients how the weight slowly crept aboard & one day they were 25 pounds (or more) heavier. HERE is how it happens (in most cases): When we ingest an extra 500 calories per day than we expend, we are consuming 3500 calories more than our bodies require in a week & will, theoretically gain 1 pound of fat. If we repeat that every week, we may gain 4 pounds per month. 4 pounds times 12 months = 48 pounds of excess body fat gained in one year!

BOTTOM LINE: Do your math! Figure out how many calories your body requires, how many calories you are actually ingesting & expending through activity, then figure out how you can improve your balance of calories in vs.calories out.  If you need assistance, contact WellFit at 888-999-6939. Wellness coaching sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone or via email. Do not weight to lose that weight! LIVE EMPOWERED!

Source: HBO Documentary: Weight of the Nation