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Are you concerned about radiation from your cell phones, computers & other electrical devices? We found a solution that will give you peace of mind & protection from GIA Wellness. I found the company online 3 years ago & was very impressed with their mission, research & integrity. I bought Cell Guards for all of my family, especially my 2 teenagers. I also got the pendant to wear that neutralizes radiation. They have an extraordinary water system that I will discuss in another post, and many other items that deserve a discussion of their own. Overall, I am VERY impressed with GIA & their entire product line.

Cell Guard

The GIA Cell Guard has been designed to neutralize the effects of your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), as well as to strengthen the resilience of your body’s biofield to stress, at the same time. The Cell Guard is available in both “classic” and “sliver” varieties.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by Cell Phones, PDA’s, Bluetooth headsets, etc. has been linked to various stress-induced health issues. We subject ourselves to this overbearing external stressor every day. The GIA Cell Guard allows you to use your Cell Phone, Smart Phone, Bluetooth or PDA with the peace of mind you deserve. Utilizing the proprietary GIAplex™ technology, the GIA Cell Guard actively works to neutralize the effects of your exposure to harmful radiation and is designed to strengthen the body’s resilience to stress at the same time.

The combination of these two groundbreaking technologies offers an effective way to deal with the cumulative stress associated with living in today’s electronic and wireless environment.

  • Made in the USA by a military defense contractor!
  • Designed to support your body’s natural resilience to the stress-related effects of electropollution exposure
  • Works on any phone, PDA, and/or Bluetooth make and model!
  • Only patented product of its kind in the world!
  • Not available in stores!
  • Convenient and affordable
  • No maintenance required

Consumer Survey Results

out of 10

… people say that when using the GIA Cell Guard, they feel much more protected against the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

out of 10

… people say that they would definitely recommend the GIA Cell Guardto other people

“For the last 10 years I have used a Cell Phone between 30 and 60 hours per week for business. During the last several years I’ve noticed an increase in tension in my neck and shoulder area. I also suffered with a nagging discomfort in my right ear whenever I used my phone. Once I discovered the GIA Cell Guard those problems disappeared.”

J.W., Dana Point, CA

“When I was introduced to the GIA Cell Guard, I was skeptical regarding its validity. However, after putting the Cell Guard on my Cell Phone, I no longer get a hot ear after continued Cell Phone use and I feel less stressed!”

J.L., San Diego, CA

“For months, I had felt a drilling discomfort in my shoulder that neither chiropractic nor massage could ease. After just a few days of having the GIA Cell Guard on my Cell Phone I woke up one morning to discover my discomfort was gone! Completely gone! Over the next several days I noticed that I was bouncing out of bed quicker and had more energy all day long, more than I had for quite some time. Many people commented on how energetic I was. My thanks to the entire GIA Wellness team for bringing such a wonderful product and opportunity into my life!”

P.C., New York, NY


Please visit   Protect yourself and your family from harmful radiation.