For the millions of Americans who are diabetic, the health damage caused by high blood sugar began up to 10 years before their diabetes was diagnosed. Regrettably, many people believe that they are not in danger until their blood sugar is in the high risk range of 7.0 or greater.

Another misconception is that diabetic drugs will stop the progression of diabetes. The truth is that drugs only temporarily detain the cascading health problems associated with diabetes.

Diabetes is a multi-dimensional killer! High blood sugar affects the circulatory system, which damages virtually every organ & system of the body. Intermediate risk blood sugar (Hemoglobin A1c of 5.9-7.0):

  • Increases risk of heart attack & stroke
  • Decreases energy, stamina & mental sharpness
  • Increases risk of circulatory issues, breathlessness, erectile dysfunction & Alzheimer’sdisease
  • Increases joint & abdominal pain
  • Increases respiratory infections, allergies & asthma
High Risk Blood Sugar:
  • Increases risk of heart attack by 150-200%
  • Increases risk of stroke by 150-200%
  • Creates a 40% of blindness due to retinopathy
  • Creates a 30% chance of kidney disease leading to kidney failure
  • Increases the chance of nerve damage by 50-70%

The bottom line is diabetes can destroy your heart,  your quality of living, your eyesight, your sex life, make you lose your mind, or at least severely affect your brain, make you blind, an amputee & KILL YOU! By the way, it s reversible through lifestyle change…but YOU must choose!

Please contact us to join or host a diabetes education & support group at your work site, church or local venue. We CAN help, but you must choose to TAKE ACTION TODAY!!