Motivators for Pursuing an Active Lifestyle!
By Coach Toria Lee

Most people are aware of the many benefits of leading an active lifestyle. Yet, despite all of the research studies, well-marketed products and services, resolutions and good intentions, the rate of overweight and obesity in our population continues to increase. There is a plethora of information that relates to the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, but what is the missing link to motivating someone to take action?
Individuals are motivated by different benefits depending on their family history, life experience, attitude, and value system. We are constantly bombarded with obstacles and temptations that keep us from enjoying abundant health. Eating out, busy schedules, availability of processed food and lack of motivation to exercise can all deter our goals for attaining greater fitness and a healthier quality of life. Wherefore, we must “keep our eyes on the prize” that we will receive from attaining our health and fitness goals.
The following is a list of physiological, mental, emotional & spiritual benefits of enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

• Decreased blood pressure, cholesterol & blood platelet stickiness
• Increased HDL & reduced triglycerides
• Decreased body fat, enhanced lean body mass & improved body shape
• Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers & stroke
• Improved circulation and respiration
• Reduced symptoms of depression & anxiety
• Improved digestive health & immunity
• Increased energy & feelings of well-being
• Increased strength, endurance flexibility & balance
• Decrease risk of developing gallstones, gout & varicose veins
• Decreased risk of falling or injury from accidents
• Decreased joint pain & back aches
• Improved glucose tolerance & reduced insulin requirements
• Increased longevity & reduced morbidity & mortality
• Improved metabolism & ability to burn fat & calories
• Decrease risk of osteoporosis & age-induced sarcopenia (loss of muscle
• Improved relationships & ability to participate with friends and family
• Improved quality of sleep & ability to manage stress
• Increase self image &overall well-being
• Ability to feel comfortable with your body & in your clothes
• Enhanced posture, physical function & independent living upon aging
• Opportunity to be a role model and encourage family & friends
• Opportunity to show respect & gratitude to God for your Gift of Life by caring for your body – the vehicle that will carry you to the finish line of purpose & destiny!

So, what is YOUR motivator? Which of these benefits will inspire you to pursue an active life, overcome beyond obstacles and setbacks, and achieve your vision of fitness & wellness? Choose the benefits that will motivate you & write them down on an index card, your computer, phone or wherever you can be consistently reminded of WHY you are choosing to make healthy choices each day. Then, recruit an accountability partner that will encourage you on your journey. This could be a friend, relative, counselor or fitness coach. Most importantly, make a decision to start TODAY! Your life is truly a gift! Your health is priceless! YOU are precious and worth the effort! Decide now to live with abundance in your health and EVERY area of your life!