Here is a quick intro to exercise programming & goals for helping Peripheral Neuropathy.

The goal of activity should be to reduce pain & improve cardiovascular health. If you are dealing with PAD then exercising until you reach the point of leg pain is required to achieve the greatest benefits. This is unique to PAD & may seem counter-intuitive. I typically do not support the “NO pain-no gain” theory, except in the case of PAD. Interval walking, pole striding or stair climbing, 3x/week at an intensity of 7-8 on a scale of 1-10. Start with 5-10 minutes & increase upon ability.

There are a multitude of exercises to improve core stability, strength & flexibility that can be performed while seated on a chair or stability ball, kneeling or lying supine to avoid aggravating leg pain. Seek professional guidance for ideas & to ensure that you are performing movements correctly.

Take baby steps & be patient with your body!