10711004_10204767716014812_8948954735198057301_nMy current weight is @ 140 & body fat is @ 10.9 up 1% from 3 months ago. My lean mass is up 5 pounds! I am keeping my calories at about 2100 with 150+ grams of protein.
Current supplements are Juice Plus+ Garden & Orchard (fruits & veges) B complex, MSM (4 grams/day), Essential Fatty Acids, Calcium/Magnesium (at night), Dark Matter + extra creatine after workouts & a protein shake with Paleo Protein (beef & egg, no dairy, sweetened with stevia) + extra glutamine. The Paleo tastes OK, but has a strong almond flavor. I still like the Vegan Max protein from Lifetime Fitness.
Next month, I will be cycling in testosterone boosters & Growth Hormone boosters. I would not typically recommend T for women but I am in mass building mode. GH precursors are good for almost ANYONE over 40, but you have to take the right kind at the right time. I am in contact with the Venice Beach Guru of bodybuilding & have been picking his brain a bit. Ironically, his name is Jerry Brainum. I subscribed to his newsletter & got his e book “Natural Anabolics”. I know a lot about bodybuilding nutrition & training, but natural supplementation is always evolving.
For you guys who may want to increase your testosterone levels without dangerous drugs, I know the BEST extract to use to increase your free T levels, enhance your sexual performance & help you add muscle!