Staying fit during the winter may be more challenging, especially for seniors, but it may also provide an opportunity to try new activities. Taking outdoor walks may produce safety issues due to snow & ice, but there are many options to consider at a fitness center or in the comfort of your home.

  • Try an indoor walking video, which you may purchase or borrow from the library. Check out
  • Put on your favorite music & dance around your house or exercise in your chair!
  • Invest in a good quality treadmill, bike or elliptical trainer to perform aerobic exercise indoors. Place the equipment in a room that you enjoy & can access easily. Many people like having their exercise equipment near a TV.
  • Strength train with resistance tubes, bands or dumbbells.  Find a Certified Personal Trainer who will show you how to perform exercises properly & create a personalized program that includes strength & functional movements, posture improvement, balance & flexibility.
    • Functional training simulates movements that you perform daily (twisting, bending, getting up) & helps you to condition your body to move better & more safely, with less pain or injury.
    • Core stability exercises help to strengthen the abdominal & lower back, stabilize the pelvis & support your body to perform other exercises efficiently.
    • Balance training is extremely important to promote safe mobility & prevention of falls.
    • Flexibility movements should be performed daily in order to enhance range of motion & ability to perform daily activities.
  • There are videos on YouTube especially for senior fitness, but it is always recommended to receive initial guidance from a Certified Trainer. Always speak to your Doctor before beginning a new activity program.

Toria Lee is a Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM/NASM) & Inclusive Fitness Trainer (ACSM), Wellness Coach, Weight Loss Expert & Corporate Wellness Educator. She has 25 years experience in fitness, weight loss, wellness coaching for individuals of all ages & abilities.