Have you ever wondered, “Where did this disease begin?” The following is a perspective with spiritual roots that you may consider fascinating, life-changing or balderdash, depending on if you are traversing on a journey of faith or simply do not believe in miracles or healing. I have personally encountered individuals who have been healed of chronic diseases, including stage 4 melanoma, brain tumors and Diabetes, and believe that many of our health conditions have spiritual roots that can be healed through understanding and taking action! Most of the insights that I share are derived from a book called, A More Excellent Way, by Henry Wright. Wright believes that most diseases have spiritual roots and are the result of separation on 3 levels: separation from God, self and others. There are many spiritual obstacles to healing, with unforgiveness being the most prevalent.

Spiritual healing can occur when a person with “dis-ease” comes into alignment with God and His Word, accepts himself or herself as a child that is loved, forgiven and able to be healed by God the Father, and heals relationships with others. There is an interconnection between body, mind and spirit as well as, generational predecessors, that can influence one’s health and healing. Many of the physical, mental and emotional sicknesses that we encounter can be traced back to our family trees. Fear, rejection, victimization, and the like may be traced back to one’s mother, father, grandparents, etc. In the Bible, Exodus 20:5 states that the iniquities of the fathers shall be inherited by the children unto the third or fourth generation.

According to A More Excellent Way, all auto-immune diseases, including, Type 1 Diabetes, have a spiritual root of self-hatred, self-bitterness and guilt. Even the medical community accepts that stress, anxiety, and fear can be root causes. But, the foundational root of this disease may be an unloving spirit causes you not to love yourself, break relationships with others and eventually create disease in your body. Wright’s ministry, “Be In Health”, has ministered to and healed many people with Type 1 Diabetes. Most cases involved direct rejection by a father, husband or man, in general. In order for healing to occur, the individuals had to completely surrender to change that would allow them to receive the love of God, the Father.

Type 2 Diabetes, may be considered to be an anxiety disorder “where the white corpuscles interfere with the function of the pancreatic tissue,” but leaves the tissue intact. According to Wright, possible spiritual roots might be fear of failing others, fear of failure, fear of man, performance and excessive ambition. Type 2 Diabetes may also be rooted in an “inability to receive love, projected rejection, unloving spirits and a spirit of death.”

Wright’s ministry has encountered success in healing both types of Diabetes, as well as countless other chronic diseases. Their successes are supported by testimonies of lives that have been completely changed and sometimes saved. The way to heal spiritually rooted diseases begins with:

  • Reconciliation with God and His love, receiving His love, reconciliation with Him as Father, and making peace with Him;
  • Reconciliation of you with yourself;
  • Reconciliation with others by the power of forgiveness.

For more information on healing and preventing spiritually rooted diseases, visit www.beinhealth.com

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