What is Wellness Coaching?
Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime. (Chinese proverb)

Personal coaching is a proven paradigm for improving athletic & executive performance. Wellness Coaching offers support to individuals who are striving to defeat unhealthy behaviors, prevent disease & live healthier lives. Wellness Coaching is also becoming a strategic tool among organizations that care to improve the health & productivity of their employees, while reducing absenteeism & healthcare costs.

Certified coaches are trained to apply core competencies of coaching psychology drawn from evidence-based behavioral psychology, counseling, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, adult learning theory & solution-oriented therapy.

Clients believe that having a coach can help them move to a new place in their lives & make lasting changes happen. Having a coach is particularly powerful when you decide to fully commit to making significant changes in one or more areas of your life.

Definition of Coaching
• A close relationship & partnership with a coach, providing the structure, accountability, expertise & inspiration to enable client to learn, grow & develop beyond what s/he can do alone.

• Coaches help the client identify & clarify the priorities & areas for development.

• Coaches partner with their clients to help them go from Point A to Point B & clients define their Point B, or their desired outcome.

• Coaches employ a diverse array of assessment, psychological & behavior change tools to empower clients to take charge, connect with their deepest motivators & learn how to grow & change.

• Scheduled coaching sessions can be held weekly or as needed, by telephone or in-person, for individuals & groups, preferably for 3 months or longer to help support sustainable changes in self-understanding, self-concept & behavior. (source WellCoaches, Inc.)

WellFit specializes in offering Wellness Coaching in group settings with individual follow-up care. Services can be compensated by individuals, companies or a combination of both. Most people want to be healthy, they just need good information, a little incentive & someone to walk alone side them for encouragement. Statistics show that companies who investment in wellness may enjoy a 6-1 Return on Investment!

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