It’s no secret that health promotion programming has been embraced by the business community in a big way. However, even though more companies are participating in worksite wellness now than ever before, many small businesses are still on the outside looking in. In fact, very little has been written specifically for small businesses to help them in their quest to create healthier employees and healthier companies.
In this article, we’ll present 10 programming ideas that can make a big difference in any small company.

1. Hold A Management Boot Camp
Believe it or not, this is a great place for small businesses to start. How so? Well, if the CEO/owner and managers can better understand the concept of health promotion programming, there’s a much greater likelihood that they’ll get behind the idea in full force.

The boot camp can be as modest or ambitious as you would like it to be. Some small companies start with a simple in-service for the owners and managers that lays out the benefits and the specific steps necessary to start a wellness program within a smaller organization. As a result of attending this simple seminar, execs will have a much better idea of what will be required if they choose to move forward with such a program. In this scenario, we would suggest finding a talented and educated presenter on this topic. It’s important that the presenter be dynamic and knowledgeable because they’ll not only provide an aerial view of the process, but they’ll need to motivate and stir the emotions as well. If the speaker you’re looking to secure charges a fee, you should consider pooling the resources of several small businesses so that the expenditures won’t break the bank.

For the more ambitious, consider taking your execs through a one or two day wellness retreat. More and more communities are offering this type of experience, and they are available through fitness clubs or private consultations. During the course of this retreat, your executives should have an opportunity to experience things like biometric screenings, health risk appraisals, individual coaching, and specific programs like walking or cooking demonstrations. It’s not uncommon for many owners and managers to get religion after such an in-depth orientation.

Whichever path you choose, a management boot camp is a great place to begin your wellness efforts.
(Excerpt from WELCOA’s Absolute Advantage by David Hunnicutt)